“Darish Zone is back, once again with what he describes as “The Final Evolution of Retro-gaming”, proclaiming this image to be the “Pinnacle of the DZ King series for RPI2 and 3B (Pi3B+ highly recommended)”. The King Ultimate images uses DZ Team custom version of Retropie called Royal Engine, fast and reliable, with some exclusive features like Mega Turbo and Mystery Random Mode. Image is ultra optimised and hyper loaded like never before

Here is the one of my fav one of the most recent image out there -for RPI2 and 3B (Pi3B+ highly recommended):

– Works on Pi2-3B and Pi3B+ (recommended)
– Based on Royal Engine, safe, stable, fast and easy to use
– New Retroarch with widgets and save states
– Over 20.000 games
– 50 retro-systems
– Lot of custom pro looking exclusive DZ themes
– New exclusive Gestalt Ultimate theme (as default)
– New Gestalt Ultimate CRT theme for 4:3 monitors
– New Gestalt Ultimate Epic theme
– New Darkfade theme
– New Commodore themes
– Custom DZ minimal bezels TV type for all systems
– New awesome exclusive splashscreens
– Mystery Random Mode (MRM) – Play mysterious random games for all systems or specific systems, two modes available with dedicated options. Ultimate exclusive feature
– Lot of spectacular exclusive screensavers made for MRM, bring some action on screen!
– More than 2000 Arcade games divided on two specific sets
– Neo Geo set available as MVS and AES separated
– Intellivision exclusive bezels
– Cool options like theme randomizer
– Gorgeous new BGM visual Player with great retro-remixes and exclusive music by Brutal Bass
– Over 700 PSX games
– MEGA TURBO Mode – Takes up to 5 seconds to load a game, Ultimate exclusive feature
– Commodore DELUXE set – Include over 4000 C64 games, CD32, CDTV and Amiga 500-1200 full sets
– CD32 genuine iso set with enhanced cd music
– Huge Openbor selection
– Neo Geo CD, PC Engine CD and Sega CD expanded sets
– Top Snes CD releases.
– Improved Scummvm set
– KODI stand-alone included

Thanks to all Knights that supported this huge work and the marvellous DZ Team: Aurunmilla, Franco Franchi, GeekOB, Kash18, BrutalBassBB and Augustus_1313. Thanks to Arcade Punks folks for their support! Thanks to Jimiga for his great help on Gestalt themes and Aurunmilla for Gestal Ultimate CRT theme and Darkfade theme, thanks to GeekOB for the great arts support and Intellivision exclusive bezels. Thanks to Augustus_1313 for Epic theme. Thanks to Franco Franchi for the outstanding splashscreens Thanks to Brutal Bass for the grat music Thanks to Madmodder123 for the bgm player. Thanks to David Mart and 2Play! for their scripts. Thanks to Zartheus for custom collections. Ultimate custom themes are based on ES themes Supersweet and Chicuelo, thanks to Dwayne Hurst and Nico la Rosa for their great bases. Some video uses HyperPie assets, thanks to all the team for their work. – DZ

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